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How to Wear Jordans with Jeans

In little over thirty years the Nike Air Jordan has transformed from a basketball shoe to an indispensable fashion staple. In this simple yet extensive guide, we’ll detail how to pair these legendary kicks with your jeans.

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How to Wear Jordans with Jeans

It can be hard to know what jeans to wear with Jordans, especially if you’re trying to showcase your kicks while complimenting your figure. Basketball shoes and jeans are a classic combination, but, with the shoes’ distinctive shape, it can be hard to know exactly what jeans to work with. Luckily, depending on your style, you can fit your kicks with a range of fits to compliment your shape and size.

Keep your Jeans Slim

Whilst baggy trousers may have worked for MC Hammer, straight cut or slim jeans will work better for you, creating the perfect balance between the foot and the leg. The answer to how to wear Jordans with skinny jeans is to keep things sleek, but not too binding. Any jeans that are too tight can create a strong contrast that doesn’t help to compliment the Jordans.

Styling A White Denim Jacket And Slim Fit Jeans

Make Your Jordans the Centrepiece

Jordans are probably going to be the most expensive item in your outfit. With that being the case, don’t be afraid to show them off. That’s kinda what they’re about. Go crazy and choose bright colours, odd designs and patterns. The key is to keep the rest of the outfit low-key, which not only ensures that you strike the right palette balance, but that the Jordans remain the focus of everyone’s attention.

Nike Air JordansPHOTO CREDIT: Tumblr

Colour Coordinate

As the last point demonstrated, Jordans are known for their variety of off-kilter colour patterns. However, the numerous colour options on offer can make colour coordination a little tricky at times. To keep things clean, avoid pieces that are the same colour as your Jordans and instead opt for simple, versatile colours.

Styling Sneakers With A SuitPHOTO CREDIT: Sneaker Bar Detroit

Outfits to Wear With Jordans

Ok now that you have your chosen Jordans and your ideal pair of jeans, all you need to do now is know how to style them. Like most fashion, is a matter of preference. Jordans are some of the best basketball shoes to wear with jeans but that doesn’t mean you can be lazy with styling them.

Best Jordans to Wear With Jeans

Air Jordans 1 with Jeans

This is the one that started everything off. Ironic as it might seem, Michael Jordan didn’t actually like the Jordan I. In fact, it wasn’t until the Jordan III that he started to enjoy the designs. Jordan was all set to leave Nike and find another sponsor. Now, this classic silhouette is inundated with history and has lasted more than three decades.

The reason the Air Jordan 1 is still so popular to this day is due to its classic look, nostalgic twist and its compatibility with a great number of jeans. Whether you go for the classic colour way of red or a more evolved colourway Air Jordans with jeans is always a look that works perfectly, regardless of your style.

Wearing Trainers In WinterPHOTO CREDIT: Trivostudio

Air Jordans III with Jeans

These were the Jordan’s that turned the brand from regular sports shoes to desirable fashion items. The III introduced a number of firsts to the Jordan brand; from being the first to place the Jumpman logo on the tongue to the first mid-top basketball shoe. This model really does prove that sometimes three really is the magic number.


Air Jordans XI with Jeans

The XI was another great addition to the Jordan range, but more importantly, for many, the XI was and is still considered THE definitive Jordan shoe. It came as little surprise that Sole Collector magazine voted these Jordans ‘the greatest trainers of all time’.

Air Jordans Concord Low XIPHOTO CREDIT: Nicahboo – blogger

Who’s Doing it Well

If Jordan’s mainstream popularity wasn’t enough, the shoes are a known favourite for many of the world’s A-listers. Justin Timberlake, Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg, to name a few, have all been spotted with a pair of Jumpmen, so for a bit of style inspiration, we’ve chosen three of the most prominent Jordan fans and deconstructed their style.

Kanye West

Yeezus was probably the most well-known lover of Jordans. He styles his kicks in a range of ways, from red-carpet looks to streetwear vibes. Despite some questionable looks with leather trousers, Kayne kept things on the simple side with some distressed denim and versatile tees when working with his Jordans.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sole Collector


Drake is another Hip-Hop megastar who is a fan of the Jordan shoe. The Canadian rapper is often seen courtside rocking a pair of the famous basketball kicks, as well as other Jordan branded clothing. Drake usually teams his Jordans with sportier outfits for more casual looks. This accentuates the relaxed yet sleek look of the trainers.

PHOTO CREDIT: Kicks on Fire

Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart is not just famed for his quick wit but also his impeccable style. This funny man is one of the few fashion conscious comics on the circuit so it’s no surprise that he’s often seen rocking the latest trends.

Hart is not afraid to experiment. As we can see, the American uses his Jordans as a means of adding a splash of colour to his outfits. Not only that but the considerable heel on Jordans give the diminutive performer an increased sense of height, which is handy for all you similarly shorter guys.

Kevin Hart Styling Nike Air JordansPHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest

Brief History of Jordans

Named after 6-time NBA championship winner and a basketball hall-of-fame face, Michael Jordan, the brand has always been under pressure to live up to the greatness of the man himself. Despite this, Jordan’s durability and popularity kept it a footwear legacy that permeates to this day.

Having sold over 100 million units, the brand can now sit comfortably alongside the likes of Chuck Taylor and Vans as an icon of footwear. Much of the Jumpman’s success can be attributed to mastermind designer, Tinker Hatfield, who throughout the years has taken style inspiration from cars, fighter jets and even wild animals.

How to Wear Jordans with Jeans

  • Wear the right jeans. No matter what Jordans you pick, remember to keep your jeans slim, and avoid any baggy styles. 
  • Use the colour of the shoes. Use your Jordans to create a clean splash of colour to your outfit.
  • Keep your Jordans the centre of attention. They are stand-out shoes, so allow them to do this by wearing an otherwise toned down outfit.
  • Jordans are a streetwear shoe, so finish the look off with pieces like bomber or leather jackets to keep things casual.

On That Note

We’ve reached the fourth quarter which signals the end of the match. Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of how these sneakers should sit with your jeans. This should ultimately give you the ability to look flawless every time you decide to rock these legendary kicks. Whether you recreate the look of one of the stars mentioned or you go for something more original, you should now feel confident to step out in Jordans with style.

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The GQ Guide to Air Jordans Photos

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan I

First released: **1985

**Original retail: **$65

**Designed by: **Peter Moore

This shoe single-handedly redefined basketball sneakers, and it almost never happened. Initially, Michael Jordan was hesitant to get endorsed by Nike because he wanted a deal with Adidas, and also he was leery on the black and red sketches shown to him by designer Peter Moore—which he referred to as "the devil's colors." Eventually he relented, and when Jordan hit the court in the Black/Red colorway, he got fined a hefty $5,000 per game for violating the NBA's rule against flashy sneakers. Nike gladly footed the bill, earning that classic colorway the "Banned" nickname. It found a second life as a skate shoe, where pioneers like Lance Mountain adopted the Black/Royal Blue colorway, since the shoes provided more padding and comfort than other kicks at the time. The simple silhouette combined with the Air Jordan "wings" logo is as iconic and versatile as the Chuck Taylor All-Star.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan II

First released:** 1986

**Original retail: **$105

**Designed by: **Bruce Kilgore and Peter Moore

For Jordan's second signature sneaker, designer Bruce Kilgore stepped in—the man behind the classic Air Force 1. This shoe is notable for eschewing the Nike Swoosh in favor of the AIr Jordan "wings" logo on the tongue. It also implemented a lu faux lizard skin detail on the upper, and the shoes were made in Italy, a feat unheard of for sneakers. That made them considerably much more expensive than their predecessor. Technology-wise, the II offered much more than the I. Jordan had broken his foot, so there was a full-length Air unit to provide comfort while the high-top cut and a molded heel counter gave extra ankle support.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan III

First released: **1988

**Original retail: **$100

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

Bruce Kilgore and Peter Moore left Nike, and Jordan's own deal was up in 1988. The two behind his previous kicks tried to get him to leave too, but ultimately Jordan stayed—partly because his father convinced him Nike was looking out for the star player, and partly because of a young designer named Tinker Hatfield. The Air Jordan III is arguably the sneaker that turned Jordans into a full-fledged fashion item. Incorporating a tumbled leather upper with the now-classic elephant print hits on the shoe, it also introduced the Jumpman logo on the tongue (originally the back of the shoes had the "Nike Air" branding). It was also revoluionary because it was the first basketball mid-top sneaker. The midsole was made from scuplted polyurethane, while the visible Air unit in the heel was gleaned from another of Hatfield's controversial sneakers—the Nike Air Max. The Air Jordan III's place in pop culture was cemented by utilizing director Spike Lee as the smart-mouthed Mars Blackmon character from his 1986 film She's Gotta Have It, in which Blackmon always rocked a fresh pair of Js. When people say: "It's gotta be the shoes," these are the shoes.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan IV

First released: **1989

**Original retail: **$110

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

With Jordan firmly on Nike's squad, Hatfield designed the IV with function rather than form in mind. As such, many people thought the shoe was ugly when it first came out. Building on the visible Air unit in the heel, this shoe traded the tumbled leather of the III for a smooth nubuck, introducing the lu material into the sneaker world. The contrasting mesh panels provided breathability, and were made using an over-molding process to make them more durable. Nike and Spike Lee's relationship flourished, and in addition to more ads featuring his Mars Blackmon character, the Jordan IV was part of a memorable scene in Lee's 1989 film, Do The Right Thing.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan V

First released: **1990

**Original retail: **$125

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

Hatfield didn't just raise the bar with the Jordan V, he raised the entire silhouette of the shoe. Combined with an asymmetrical collar, the sculpted midsole now featured scalloping inspired by WWII P-51 Mustang fighter planes. Using the over-molded mesh of the IV and the visible Air units of its predecessors, the V added a lace lock to the front and utilized 3M material on the tongue for some of its most popular colorways. The reasoning behind this was so the shoes took center stage when Jordan got photographed playing in them, reflecting the light off camera flashbulbs. The V also introduced a clear rubber sole to the Jordan line, a detail Hatfield carried over from the Air Mags he designed for Back to the Future II.

Jordan Brand

Air Jordan VI

**First released: **1991

**Original retail: **$125

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

When Jordan secured his first championship ring, this was the shoe that got him there. This go-round, Hatfield added details like two holes in the tongue and a back "spoiler" pull tab—purportedly inspired by Jordan's Porsche—that allowed him to get the shoe on easier. The heel tab was lower too, so that the shoe didn't hit his Achilles tendon. The VIs also had a clean toe box at Jordan's behest, and an inner booty sleeve that would come back in later versions.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan VII

First released: **1992

**Original retail: **$125

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

For this shoe Hatfield went back to the drawing board, ditching the visible Air unit in favor of building on the clean toe box of the VI, but also elaborating on the concept of the Nike Huarache, which also debuted in '91. The pops of color and jagged edges on the VII were inspired by West African tribal music, while the shoe started capitilizing on the strength of Jordan's brand by downplaying the Nike logo in favor of a knit Jumpman on the upper. Ads for the shoe also replaced Spike Lee's Mars Blackmon character with Bugs Bunny, earning the shoes the "Hare Jordan" nickname. The summer of '92 also saw the first "Dream Team" head to the Olympics in Barcelona, where Jordan dominated the court in a special pair of VIIs.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan VIII

First released: **1993

**Original retail: **$125

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

In sharp contrast to the pared-down Jordan VII, the Jordan VIII was a bold design that turned a lot of heads upon its release. After much cajoling, Hatfield convinced Nike that the Jordan name was strong enough to carry its own brand, which is why you don't see any Nike logos on this shoe. A bold pop of color on the sole paired with a polycarbonate torsion plate to make these kicks technologically and visually interesting, while side straps and a padded high-top silhouette provided support. Ads featuring Looney Tunes characters continued for these shoes, while Jordan won his third championship in a row in them.

Jordan Brand

Air Jordan IX

**First released: **1994

**Original retail: **$125

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith

Although Jordan surprisingly retired from basketball in '94, the design process for the IX had long been underway, with much of the inspiration coming from the Asian leg of a promotional tour. '92 introduced Jordan's prowess to the world during the Olympics, and now the player was a worldwide superstar. This shoe paid homage to that, gleaning details like a Japanese-inspired "rising sun" on the back. Though he never wore them on the court, the IXs were loaded with tech: an inner bootie, polyurethane midsole, and an Air unit at the heel. They're also forever immortalized on the feet of the Jordan statue outside United Center.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan X

First released: **1995

**Original retail: **$125

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

Designed during Jordan's retirement, Hatfield paid respects to his on-court accomplishments on the sole of the X, while a padded collar, heel tab, and new elastic band lacing system made the shoes easy to pull on. Originally designed with a stitched toe box, Jordan vetoed it (his name was still on the shoes, after all) in favor of a clean toe box. When Jordan returned to basketball in March 18, 1995, it was in a pair of these.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XI

First released: **1995

**Original retail: **$125

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

Quite possibly the most iconic Jordan of all time, the XI is a perfect storm of defining moments, design, and technological innovation. That's why every time it comes out, eager sneaker nerds go bonkers. Inspired by (of all things) convertibles and lawn mowers, the XI introduced the formal patent leather to the sneaker world, pairing it with an icy sole and ballistic mesh upper. A padded collar and tongue sat on top of a full-length Air unit and a carbon fiber shank plate to help Jordan with his ups. The shoes also made an appearance in a little film called Space Jam. Given the spectator shoe-like colorway of the black and white versions—and that patent leather detail—it's not surprising that Boyz II Men famously wore them to the 1996 Grammys. Sneakerheads have been rocking them with tus ever since.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XII

First released: **1996

**Original retail: **$135

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

The Jordan XII built on the XI's carbon shank plate and introduced Zoom Air cushioning and a herringbone sole for added traction—one of its predecessor's weaknesses. Its main inspirations were Nisshoki, the Japanese flag (the lines on the upper are meant to channel sun rays), and a women's fashion boot, as demonstrated by the speed hooks on the upper, the elongated silhouette, and the faux reptile leather on the sides. Jordan won these during the pivotal "Flu Game" of the '97 playoffs, and that exact pair recently sold for over $100,000. More recently, fashion label Public School reinterpreted the silhouette for its latest menswear collection.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XIII

First released: **1997

**Original retail: **$150

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

Hatfield designed the XIIIs inspired by Jordan's cat-and-mouse style of play—one that had him observing his opponents before striking swiftly and precisely, like a panther. The shoe was made to cater to those types of movements, and the sole even resembles a cat's paw while the hologram on the upper looks like a cat's eye. Unbeknownst to Hatfield, Jordan had acquired the nickname "Black Cat" amongst friends. The XIII built on the Zoom Air unit of the XII and added a Phylon midsole, assymetrical collar, and a carbon fiber midfoot spring plate, which is why it's heralded as one of the most comfortable Jordans on-foot. They also made a memorable cameo in Spike Lee's He Got Game, starring NBA player Ray Allen and Denzel Washington.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XIV

First released: **1998

**Original retail: **$150

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

Jordan would end his career on a high note, and the Jordan XIV is the shoe that would take him there. Based on the sportiness and sleek lines of the star's Ferrari 550 Maranello, Hatfield designed the shoe to essentially be a wearable supercar. From the Ferrari-like Jumpan badge, silver aglets, mesh vents, tire-like traction, and luxurious grooved leather, these kicks are a testament to the sweet spot where form and function meld.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XV

First released: **1999

**Original retail: **$125

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield

The XV took its style cues from another 15—the record-breaking X-15 fighter jet. The avant-garde shape of the shoe featured an upper made from woven kevlar and breathable mesh and a hidden lacing system which would becoming an ongoing design hallmark of Jordan Brand. The jutted-out tongue was rumored to pay homage to Michael Jordan's famous on-court idiosyncrasy.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XVI

First released: **2001

**Original retail: **$160

**Designed by: **Wilson Smith

Wilson Smith stepped in to design the next iterations of the Air Jordan, drawing upon previous innovations and designs while adding some of his own influences, most noticeably marching band boots. Adding a dressy patent leather captoe, there's also a removable gaiter that hides the lacing while breathable mesh made the shoes more comfortable to wear, along with a blow-molded heel and a fully-visible Air cushioning unit.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XVII

First released: **2002

**Original retail: **$200

**Designed by: **Wilson Smith

The two main inspirations behind the Jordan XVII were jazz music and an Aston Martin car. Innovation-wise, the XVII introduced Tuned Air to Jordan Brand, a removable midfoot cover (an improvement over Smith's previous gaiter), and a composite spring plate. At $200, it was the most expensive Jordan ever at the time of its release, but it did come in a briefcase instead of a shoe box, a nod to MJ's tenure as an ec for the Wizards. He did lace these up on the court—albeit for Washington instead of Chicago.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XVIII

First released: **2003

**Original retail: **$175

**Designed by: **Tate Kuerbis

Veteran footwear designer Tate Kuerbis took the helm for the Jordan XVIII, once again returning to the pool of fast cars for inspiration, but also taking a cue from the world of high-end men's footwear. The suede versions of the XVIII came with both a suede cleaning brush and a "Driver's Manual" in the box. This shoe incorporated a carbon fiber comfort plate in the insole, with Zoom Air at the forefoot and was finished with a handstitched outsole, further lending to their artisan, old-world appeal.

Jordan Brand

Air Jordan XIX

**First released: **2004

**Original retail: **$165

**Designed by: **Tate Kuerbis, Wilson Smith,  Jason Mayden, Josh Heard, Suzette Henri

Had it not been for Jordan's fear of snakes, the XIX might've stolen Kobe Bryant's nickname. Inspired by the deadly snake, the Jordan Brand design team was also spurred on by the idea of creating a laceless shoe. Thus the Tech Flex material was used to create one of the lightest and most breathable Jordans to date. The patent leather toe box and shank plate of previous Jordans remained intact, while details like a velcro heel strap and plastic lace locks were added to this iteration.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XX

First released: **2005

**Original retail: **$175

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Air Jordan, Tinker Hatfield made his triumphant return (the last shoe he'd designed was the XV), teaming up with Mark Smith to create a shoe that celebrated Jordan's legacy by taking it to the future. Combining a floating ankle leash, an internal shank plate, and a hidden lacing system, the XX introduced the Independent Podular Suspension system, a new cushioning technology. The outside of the shoe featured 20 herringbone pods that featured the brand's heritage, while Smith designed the laser-etched logo on the midfoot strap.

Jordan Brand

Air Jordan XXI

**First released: **2006

**Original retail: **$175

**Designed by: **D'Wayne Edwards

Like the XXIV, one of Jordan's expensive automobiles inspired this silhouette. In this case, his 2005 Bentley Continental GT, from which this model gleaned the air grille on the lower foot and sleek profile. The shoe also provided a customizable aspect—the next step of Independent Podular suspension introduced on the XX meant wearers could choose between two types of Air cushioning. The ad campaign for the XXIs featured this memorable commercial with players young and old re-enacting Jordan's trademark moves.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan l

First released: **2007

**Original retail: **$175

**Designed by: **D'Wayne Edwards

Edwards looked to another mean machine as the inspiration for his next shoe—the Jordan XXII's 3M gunmetal camo hits and sharp lines are based on a F-22 Raptor fighter jet. Same goes for the zigzag stitching on the upper, said to mirror the F-22's ability to disrupt enemy radar (and also Jordan's ability to cross-up even the most lethal defenders). Speaking of heavy metal, the XXII introduced a titanium shank plate into the mix, and coordinating titanium lace locks and loops.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan XX3

First released: **2008

**Original retail: **$185

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith

The Jordan Brand "Dream Team" of Hatfield and Smith returned for the XX3, a shoe that pretty much had to be iconic. Utilizing the Zoom Air and IPS cushioning methods of previous shoes, the outsole was actually modeled after Jordan's own thumbprint, which is also visible underneath the tongue, while his signature found itself woven into the upper and toebox. The shoe's definining features are the all-over patterned uppers that make them instantly recognizable, and the fact that these sustainably-produced kicks were the first basketball shoes produced under Nike's award-winning "Considered" sub-label.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan 2009

First released:** 2009

**Orignal retail: **$190

**Designed by: **Jason Mayden

Combo breaker! Jordan Brand broke away from the numbered releases in 2009 in order to preserve Jordan's legacy as the greatest player ever, instead naming shoes after the year they dropped. This model gleans design details from fencing shoes (like satin sides on the upper), and was built with Jordan's defensive capabilities in mind. Still constructed using sustainable methods, innovation came in the form of Articulated Propulsion Technology, which is more known for its utilization in the prosthetic limbs of paralympians like April Holmes, who's run many races in Jordan Brand track spikes. When applied to this shoe, it made athletes quicker than ever.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan 2010

First released:** 2010

**Orignal retail: **$170

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith

25 years into the game, and it appeared that Hatfield and Smith were looking inward for inspiration. That's why polarizing nature of the Air Jordan 2010 derives in large part from the transparent TPU "peep hole" smack dab in the middle of the shoe. The 2010 was also seen as a "passing of the torch" model, as Jordan favored Chicago-born Dwyane Wade to hold down the crown as the on-court face of Jordan Brand.

Jordan Brand

**Air Jordan 2011

First released:** 2011

**Orignal retail: **$175

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield and Tom Luedecke

Going back to basics for this model, Hatfield teamed up with Tom Luedecke (who had previously designed Kobe Bryant's kicks) for the Air Jordan 2011. Harkening back to the two-tone design of the Jordan XI, this shoe once again melds the worlds of luxury footwear and peak performance athletic shoes. Using high-end materials like Italian leather, the shoes could develop a nice patina over time. It also featured a revolutionary lacing and cushioning sytem, ensuring the best possible fit and maximum comfort. It was about as close to a bespoke Jordan as it got... until the 2012 came out.

**Air Jordan 2012

First released:** 2012

**Orignal retail: **$230

**Designed by: **Tinker Hatfield and Tom Luedecke

Hatfield and Luedecke were like the "Dream Team II" of Jordan Brand, following up a succesful and innovative sneaker with a shoe that was anything but "more of the same." The Jordan 2012 featured perforated details akin to the broguing of a wingtip shoe, but also offered multiple customization options in the form of six interchangeable booties and midsoles called the "System of Flight."


5 Simple Rules For Wearing Air Jordans Like A Man

Now that you've brushed up on your history, here's a handy guide on how to pull off your Js in a GQ-approved way. Sure, pristine Jordans look great in a box, but quality shoes aren't for gawking at, they're for stunting in the streets. So suck it up, wear your kicks, and step out looking like a (six time NBA) champion. Here's how to do it right.


1. Complement Colors; Don't Match Them.

Still matching your T-shirts to your shoes? Stop that. Here, Justin Timberlake wears his Jordan IIIs with a gray and white button-down shirt and dark blue jeans that complement the colors. Since the shoes already give off a strong athletic vibe, pairing them with more dressed-up clothes elevates your entire look.


2. Trade Your Denim For Trousers.

Tailored trousers and suit pants aren't just for leather-soled footwear. Consider switching your boots for a sleek pair of high-tops, like the all-white Jordan Is Victor Cruz is wearing here. The patterned texture on the pants would easily pair with some of the more textured soles on other Jordan models too.

3. Wear Them Instead of Boots.

Normally weather that requires a camel topcoat and scarf makes people think of rugged boots to finish off a rig, but not Theophilus London. Here he infuses a bit of street cred into an otherwise traditional look, throwing on a snapback cap and mid-top Jordan IIIs—which provide enough warmth and durability as a pair of boots, but also look ten times cooler.


4. Your Sneakers Can Still Make A Statement.

One of our Most Stylish Men of 2013, Frank Ocean is no stranger to pairing clean looks with his own, street-informed sense of style. Here, the royal blue of these Jordan Is really stands out with the rest of his subtle outfit. The important thing to note is that everything fits perfectly. He could throw on a tailored sport coat or slick varsity jacket over it all and still look amazing.


5. Bring Your A-Game to Gametime.

When it comes to team spirit, why not go all-out with sneakers that support the squad? Our Style Guy, Glenn O'Brien readily breaks out his well-worn Nike Terminators whenever the Hoyas hit the court, and NBA fans like Spike Lee and Jason Sudeikis often rock Knicks colorways on the sidelines. Team-colored Jordans are a hell of a lot easier to wear outside the stadium than jerseys, and if you can get Olivia Wilde to show up in a coordinating outfit? That's a bonus.


Sneakerhead Style Icon: Jason Sudeikis

If there's anyone who knows how to rock Js without looking like a teenager, it's Jason Sudeikis. He rocks heat like nobody's business, but he does it in a way that makes it look like he's the one wearing the sick kicks, not the other way around. Whether keeping it casual in slim chinos, a gray chambray shirt, and pristine Green Glow IVs, or turning the red carpet into the "Bred" carpet in a covetable pair of 11s and an expertly-tailored tudo, it's hard to decide what we're more jealous of: his sneakers or his fiancé.

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